Roman Numeral Cutout Band (6mm)

Roman Numeral Cutout Band (6mm)

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This Roman numeral cutout ring showcases your special day in a unique way. Features month, day and full year in roman numerals around your finger. Made with 18 gauge materials and 6mm wide. Formatted as MMDDYYYY. Available in sizes 5-12, half sizes are available.

All of our jewelry is made to order. All custom jewelry takes 2-3 weeks to ship. Diamond pieces may take up to 4 weeks, as all diamonds are set by hand. 

- Silver Plated Gold Jewelry: Commonly referred to as  "vermeil", refers to items made of silver that are plated with a thin layer of gold. Making it perfect for those with metal allergies.

- 10K Gold : 10-karat gold is an alloy made up of 10 parts solid gold and 14 parts other metals such as copper, zinc, silver or nickel. In percentage terms, 10K gold contains 41.7% pure gold.

- 14K Gold: Similar to 10K gold, a gold alloy that is 14 karats is made up of 14 parts solid gold and 10 parts other metals, mostly silver and copper. 14K gold contains  58.3% pure gold.


Brandon Blackwood Jewelry Is Made In The USA. 


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